A moving experience

Sept. 1, 2000
The moving vans lining up on Pennsylvania Ave. are a welcome sight, but they may be four years too late.

The sight of a moving van, even the thought of one, stirs several emotions within me. Having grown up in a neighborhood where “white flight” stole most of my friends by the time I was in sixth grade, my first sense is one of separation and sadness. I know, especially if kids are involved, someone will be left brokenhearted as the truck pulls away, taking with it not only bicycles and balls, but meaningful companionships developed over the years.

On the other hand, I am also reminded of the excitement and anticipation that go with life’s changes. Besides new scenery, a move usually means new opportunities and challenges – professionally as well as socially. I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of it, but there aren’t many things like moving to refresh the spirit and keep life interesting. And, with such things as e-mail, Instant Messenger, and buddy lists, the sting of being separated doesn’t have to be as intense.

Now if you’re expecting me to say I’m packing my bags, you’re in for a disappointment. What’s got me talking like this is knowing that the moving vans will soon line up outside the big house on Pennsylvania Ave., and I’m trying to decide how I feel about that.

Without a doubt I am happy to see the first family move on. For whatever good they may have intended, the Clintons did so much more harm. Hillary can blame it all on a “vast right-wing conspiracy” if she wants, but the real villain is none other than her philandering husband – the man who gave her the power and position she abused.

That the President’s escapades occurred in the shadow of Arlington National Cemetery makes his behavior all the more regretful. You can almost sense the remorse coming from among the tombstones of the thousands of soldiers whose blood has been trampled by a Commander-in-Chief – a man with a history of denouncing his own country abroad – who apparently thinks nothing of leaving his detestable stain on the highest office in the land. And then he can’t even muster the courage to admit it.

Something else he’ll probably never admit is that the only sure accomplishment of his presidency was helping China get the technology it needs to deliver its nuclear arsenal; and I don’t mean on the back of a moving van. Our own media wouldn’t tell us what Clinton was up to, but Pakistan and India told the whole world loud and clear. Once the exchange of launch systems and blueprints took place, the two longtime rivals of China broke the nuclear test ban and detonated several underground atomic blasts. Once again, another concerned party ends up looking like a villain, when the real culprit is the man in White House.

Had any of this happened under the watch of a Republican president, we wouldn’t have heard the end of it. Indeed, the media spilled more ink and rolled more film on Dan Quayle’s misspelling of the word “potato” than this reckless chain of events triggered by a slice of pizza and thirty pieces of silver. No matter how you look at it, this one selfish act pushed the world one step closer to the brink.

So, yes, bring on the moving vans and do it quick. I just wish they had come four years earlier. It may have spared us a lot of grief.

After his second election, the President acted as if he had license to do anything he wanted, which he essentially did. And if Al Gore’s trucks pull in behind Bill’s, I suspect it will only get worse, which is why, like I said, I can’t decide whether to smile or wince at the thought of the big move in the offing.

I do have some thoughts on this, but my boss won’t let me share them. Tell you what though; send us some e-mail with a simple “yes” in the subject line and next month I’ll give you my honest opinion on the candidates. It’ll take no less than 100 responses sent to [email protected], or you can look forward to an in-depth discussion on something like lubricants or standard communication protocols.

Of course, you can also write to me directly at [email protected], particularly if you have additional insights and comments. I’m counting on you.

– Larry Berardinis

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