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Feb. 1, 2000
The value of this magazine is not what the editors put into it; it’s what you, the readers, get out of it

February marks several new beginnings for PT Design. For one thing, we’re adding 5,000 new subscribers to our ranks, bringing us to a total of 56,000. Three special issues this year will go to an additional 4,000 for a grand total of 60,000. If you’re into trivia you might like to know you’re part of the largest group of motion system designers ever assembled.

Another big event, which you may have already noticed, is that we’re unveiling several new departments and a more up-to-date look. Our intent in all this is to do a better job of....well, you get the point.

One department we think will be particularly helpful is the revamped INDUSTRY IN MOTION. Appearing in the front of the magazine, this section will provide news and analysis on a variety of topics related to motion system design. Any significant event or development is fair game for IIM, whether it’s a breakthrough in research, a clever application of technology, or the debut of a potentially important product.

Further back in the magazine you’ll find another new department, FIELD REPORTS. These problem-solution stories will give you a better feel for standard engineering practice, telling you what works where, and why. The emphasis will be on component types and technologies, rather than specific products and features. And we’ll try to make them as quantitative as possible.

Also debuting is a special page called BRUSHING UP. Somewhat of a “fun facts” page, this department will look at everything from scientific principles to component application techniques. One month the theme might be electromagnetic effects; the next month, feedback devices or shaft-coupling tips. We think you’ll find Brushing Up stimulating as well as informative.

We also think you’ll like what we’ve done with our product coverage. For added convenience, product and literature announcements now appear together in a department called DESIGN STORE. To further enhance your shopping experience, we’ve scattered a few technical trivia items among the write-ups.

The old calendar, now called PT PLANNER, has also been upgraded. For starters, we’ve made it more graphical. We’re also including what we feel is an important form of supplemental education, company seminars. Each entry will include the topic, location, and a phone number for additional information.

I should also mention we’ve added a few new wrinkles to our trade show, Motion Systems Technology Week. This year we will be joining forces with the International Manufacturing & Engineering Technology Congress (IMET) in Chicago. The big event, which runs October 27-29, will also incorporate a computer technology show, a conference on parametric design, and an industrial equipment and maintenance exposition.

Obviously, we’re excited about all that’s happening at PT Design, but our excitement isn’t unbridled. Making this work is going to take a strong effort from the entire team, and that includes you. As always, we need your feedback to keep this magazine on course. All comments are valued, and if they’re really insightful, they might show up in the new LETTERS column. You’ll find that on the next few pages.

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