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Nov. 1, 2004
I was enjoying the useful information in August’s Motion System Design until my reading session was ruined by your In the Loop column

Divided we fall

I was enjoying the useful information in August’s Motion System Design until my reading session was ruined by your In the Loop column.

One of the things I like about engineering is that it is more likely based on fact rather than politics. If I want distortion of reality, I can go to either Fox News or Dan Rather.

Please keep your comments objective about the industry we have a shared interest in, and keep your political views private. Our country is very polarized at this time, and you are likely to alienate a significant portion of your audience. Someone in your position should be a uniter, not a divider.

John Henderson
Sienco Inc.

Truth be told

Thank you for your clear and accurate editorials concerning the way a small group of people are actively moving our country away from what our founders envisioned. I have noticed that strong left-leaning materials are occurring in other industry magazines.

I trust that Penton Media continues to allow you the freedom to speak the truth. We in industry need to have persons such as you providing interesting, truthful editorials.

Jim Discavage, P.E.

Pressing a point

I was disappointed by your September editorial. Editorials express opinions, but in the ones I’m used to reading, there’s at least some basis given. I read it several times, and aside from citing a New York Times story that proved very little, there’s nothing to back up your absolute statements abut the press bias, the judiciary, etc.

I am actually more concerned with the trend toward isolating the press and shrouding the government in secrecy. The current Administration prides itself on tightly controlling information — so how is the press supposed to provide accurate information? It’s the job of the press to dig and ask tough questions, but how can they when they are so easily and routinely excluded, usually in the guise of national security? Why doesn’t the President hold regular press conferences? What’s he afraid of? And as for the negative stories about business — what would you suggest the press do with Enron, Halliburton, the tobacco industry (and health), the coal industry (and health), and the car industry (and fuel efficiency)? Ignore it? Paint a rosy picture? Maybe if you gave some examples of how badly you think business is displayed in the media.

George Jaffe
Executive Vice President
Steinmeyer Inc.

Journalists should do their homework

Well said! The credibility of your September editorial is significant because you did your homework. The lack of journalists doing their homework is their basic problem. Any beginning student of history recognizes that social, moral, political, and cultural movements that don’t take the lessons of history into consideration will relive that which took place before.

One would expect journalists are educated, but I guess they are only partly educated. Are these professionals only charged with reporting what they see and hear? If their charter is to “provide this information in an accurate, comprehensive, timely, and understandable manner,” then they must have critical thinking skills, look at cause and effect, verify the numbers, explain the rationale, and show responsibility for what they report. CBS missed on all accounts with the now infamous 60 Minutes report on then Lt. George W. Bush’s National Guard service.

I am encouraged that when serious events happen, most come together to get through the difficulty. A few more events like the Janet Jackson Super Bowl and 60 Minutes will help right the tilted ship. Let’s hope for more revealing clinks in the liberal’s armor. [email protected]


Note that Molykote is a division of Dow Corning Corp. (September 2004, Staying Power). More information is available at In addition, more information on Nye Lubricant Inc.’s products can be found at

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