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Interactive Resource: How Many Realities Can You Have in Industrial Automation?

Feb. 3, 2019
We recently hosted a webinar, Real World, Augmented Reality, Augmented Virtuality, Virtual Reality… How many realities can you have in industrial automation?, that shouldn't be missed if you're interested in learning about how virtual and augmented reality can improve industrial automation.

In the digital context era of today, the more innovative the machine builder, the better his position in the market. Based on the webinar, we've developed an interactive resource where you can read a summarywatch the webinar video and download related materials. Schneider Electric’s Simone Gianotti, described what virtual and augmented reality are, and discussed the role they are already playing in industrial automation. Visit the site now to find out how some of the most successful enterprises have been applying the new technologies, and how you can embrace the different types of reality to improve your business and the business of your customers.

You’ll learn how the advent of Industry 4.0 is enabling machine builders to innovate in ways that were never before possible, changing and expanding the meaning of words such as “data”, “connectivity”, and even “realities.” From real environment to virtual environment, passing through augmented reality and augmented virtuality, machine builders now have more and more ways to design, operate and maintain their equipment. Each of these innovative tools bring benefits to the table, from saving time during the design and the engineering process, to significantly reducing the time spent during machine maintenance.

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