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Batteries from Electric Vehicles Should Be Recycled, Not Reused

Reusing batteries from plug-in vehicles for home energy storage is an appealing idea, but the economics don’t make sense.
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Machine Design's Products of the Week (10/7-10/14)

Machine Design's products of the week include medical power supplies, lock-out tag-out hydraulic valves, and sealed rotary encoders.
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Machine Design’s Products of the Week (8/5-8/12)

This week's product gallery includes helical gearheads, a piston inserter, and automotive surface-mount varistors.
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Plug-In Vehicles Will Consume $10 Billion in Batteries by 2020

Six large carmakers led by Tesla will account for 90% of the demand, while Panasonic will remain the world’s biggest battery maker, Lux Research says.
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Machine Design’s Products of the Week (6/23-6/30)

This week's product gallery includes 0.01-micron filters, wire cutting machines, and a compact linear stage.

How To Get Big Sounds From Small Speakers

A new generation of "smart amplifiers," incorporating new driver topologies and DSP technology is significantly improving the quality and volume of sound from speakers.
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Machine Design’s Products of the Week (1/25-2/1)

This biweekly product gallery includes rotary encoders for washdown environments, along with sensitive springs, and switching elements for human-machine interfaces.
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Internal Short-Circuit Device Paves Way to Safer Li-Ion Battery Testing

This internal short circuit device provides a controlled method of testing to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries in space gear and electric-drive vehicles.
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Machine Design’s Products of the Week (11/30-12/7)

This week's products include a laser-etching machine, food-grade rubber, and an ionizing air knife that prevents static discharge.