Cicoil Cabling Helps Litening Targeting Pod Racks up One-Million Operational Hours

May 19, 2009
Cicoil cabling helps Litening targeting pod racks up one-million operational hours
Cicoil Corp.,

The Litening AT targeting pods built by Northrup Grumman Corp. and designed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. in Israel, have accumulated over 1 million flight hours flying under the wings of a wide variety of tactical aircraft since 2000. The removable pod carries a forward-looking infrared sensor (FLIR), a CCD-based camera for visual target acquisition and tracking, and a laser range finder. All of these sensors, along with an integrated tracking module, are electronically connected with cabling from Cicoil Corp., Valencia, Calif. The custom cable includes sealed connectors and over 1,200 soldered connections.

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