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New Materials Push the Embedded Tech Envelope

Research in materials science and embedded sensors have led to advances like rubber-bound metal nano blobs to increase conductivity and machines that can “feel.”
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Scanning the Show Floor: Pacific West Design (Day 3)

While 3D printing wasn’t as prevalent as in previous years, there was still some exciting innovation to be seen in the field—along with a number of other show exhibitors who caught...
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Confirmed: Ripples in Time-Space Caused by Colliding Black Holes

LIGO team detects gravitational waves generated by colliding black holes 1.3 billion light-years away.
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High-Efficiency Transformer Promoted for Sub-Licensing Contract

Company looks to offer an exclusive license with sub-licensing rights to a single partner for PowerWinding E Transformers.
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Embedded Virtualization Clears a Path to PC-Based Machines

The PC architecture is emerging as a leading computing platform for integrating all computing elements of a typical factory workcell. However, fulfilling this role effectively...
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The ABCs of LEDs

The integration of the inimitable LED into a myriad of lighting applications not only saves energy costs on a mass scale, but the environment from carbon dioxide, too.
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Versatile Timers Eye Industrial-Control Apps

Model 385AR industrial timers feature built-in versatility with their 10 operational modes, suiting them for a range of applications in OEM equipment and industrial process control...