Temperature sensors

Nov. 1, 2009
Fiber optic infrared transmitters The OS4000 series of industrial high-speed infrared transmitters measures temperatures from 392 to 2,912 F using three

Fiber optic infrared transmitters

The OS4000 series of industrial high-speed infrared transmitters measures temperatures from 392° to 2,912° F using three standard optical fields of view and three standard fiber optic cable lengths.

Features & benefits

  • CE compliant; fast response time of one msec
  • Includes built-in laser sighting for lens probe positioning, linear analog output, high and low alarm outputs, fiber optic gain adjust, maximum and minimum temperature measurement
  • RS232 interface; Windows-based software allows changing of response time, alarm set points, and data logging
  • Transmitter mounting bracket nuts included

Omega Engineering Inc.
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Temperature sensors white paper

A free downloadable white paper titled Resistance Thermometry: Principles and Applications of Resistance Thermometers and Thermistors is available for design engineers to find out more about the consistency, accuracy, and stability of these temperature sensors.

Features & benefits

  • Learn how to calibrate temperature-reading instruments by performing calculations regarding resistance and temperature characteristics
  • Find out what factors can influence the temperature/resistance ratio such as element types, leadwire resistance, electrical noise, vibration, self-heating, and exposure to temperatures at or beyond the endpoint of a specified range
  • Also available is the Sensors & Instruments Solutions Guide, a free handbook that explains how to define requirements and choose the best sensor

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Temperature switches

PDTF Series factory-set temperature switches protect gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs, and industrial power plants, as well as internal combustion engines, pumps, and compressors.

Features & benefits

  • Withstand acceleration to 8 g
  • Compact and rugged construction allows mounting in harsh OEM applications
  • A liquid-filled capillary senses temperature changes; liquid expands as the temperature increases, causing capillary pressure to increase

Gems Sensors & Controls
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Air temperature sensors

TMC6-HE air temperature sensors are suitable for a range of energy-monitoring applications, from checking the efficiency of solar thermal systems to tracking building energy use.

Features & benefits

  • Copper-plated probes ensure high-accuracy measurements and faster response time than previous models
  • Easily attach to water pipes, hot water storage tanks, boilers, and other equipment
  • Also available is HOBOware, an intuitive graphing and analysis software package; users can easily graph, analyze, export, and print data files

Onset Computer Corp.
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