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Jan. 1, 2010
One of the most important aspects of industrial automation is keeping workers and equipment out of harm's way. Whether safeguarding involves physical

One of the most important aspects of industrial automation is keeping workers and equipment out of harm's way. Whether safeguarding involves physical barriers, electronic control, or devices such as light curtains, the goal is the same — protection of precious resources. Here are some of the latest tools and tactics to shelter your designs.

Drives offer built-in safety

The 3G3MX2 series of powerful mid-range micro drives is available in 230 and 460 V models and power ranges from fractional to 20 hp. Setup is simple: Enter the motor power rating, and an auto tuner sets the ac drive for smooth and safe operations. Drives easily integrate into new and existing safety systems. Safety circuits embedded in the drives provide “safe torque off” operator protection conforming to ISO 13849-1, Cat 3. This cuts power to the motor, allowing it to coast to a stop while the drive itself is still powered. The 3G3MX2 has two safety inputs and an External Device Monitoring (EDM) output; inputs can be linked from one inverter to another without additional safety relays.

Omron Electronics LLC

Light screen boasts low-profile design

The EZ-SCREEN family of safety light screens now includes low-profile models, offering a space-saving footprint for large and small machines alike. The first and last beams of the new Low Profile (LP) light screen are positioned at the very ends, eliminating dead zones found on traditional light curtains. The LP features 14 or 25 mm resolution models, defined areas from 270 to 1,810 mm, and detection ranges to 7 m to fit a variety of applications. Options include nickel-plated housing for ESD-safe applications, clear anodized aluminum housing, or “safety yellow” powder-coat housing. CE certified to Type 4, Category 4 PLe and SIL 3.

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Safety software eliminates wiring

The SafeDESIGNER development and configuration tool is an integrated safety module for programming safety-related functions from within the Automation Studio development environment. Complete integration of safety technology reduces the programming of safety applications to virtual wiring of logical function blocks; fixed-wired safety circuits are unnecessary. The safety application created in SafeDESIGNER is processed in a safe controller, SafeLOGIC, which supports cycle times starting at 1 msec and connection of up to 100 peripheral devices. In addition to function blocks and language elements that conform to IEC 61131-3, users have access to a library certified by TÜV Rheinland with 20 function blocks for machine automation, all conforming to the PLCopen standard.

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Light curtains, grids protect operators

A new line of safety light curtains and grids helps protect operators from the hazards associated with material positioning. To safeguard a larger area in a plant, light curtains and grids can be mounted to protect the perimeter of a machine, robot, or other equipment. If the area must be protected from several sides, corner mirrors can be used. Light curtain pairs are available in heights from 160 to 1,510 mm with resolutions of 30, 40, 50, and 90 mm. Curtains may be mounted vertically or horizontally along the floor to detect foot traffic. Light grids are available in pairs in 2, 3, and 4-beam versions. Low-profile curtains and grids with housing profiles of 28 × 30 mm are also available for less intrusive installation.

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