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Position-Sensor Signal Conditioning Helps Shrink Loss in Long Cables

April 14, 2015

Microprocessor-driven signal conditioning in Novotechnik’s TE1 absolute linear position sensors enable long cable runs without substantial signal loss and easy output connections to signal and ground. Versions with and without return springs are available, along with ball coupling for backlash- and shear force-free operation. In compact 0.70-in housings, the sensors feature a 25- to 150-mm measurement range in rod and rod-with-return-spring versions. Along with the high resolution, specs include 0.002-mm repeatability and linearity that’s up to ± 0.075% of full scale. Four output options are available: 0 to 10 V, 10 to 0 V, 4 to 20 mA, and 20 to 4 mA. Sensor life is greater than 100 million movements. Cable and connector versions are standard.

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