Demystifying 5G Technology: Impacts, Health Concerns and Adoption

March 18, 2024
Clarifying misconceptions and addressing health concerns, Verizon Business’ Michael Weller sheds light on the impact of 5G technology for industrial applications.

The deployment of 5G technology has raised significant fears and concerns among some communities, particularly regarding potential health risks associated with higher frequency bands and exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Despite existing research and regulatory standards to ensure safety, apprehensions persist about the implications of the technology. There are also worries about privacy issues, security vulnerabilities and potential job displacement due to automation and advanced connectivity.

In a recent discussion with Michael Weller, practice lead for manufacturing, energy and utilities at Verizon Business, key insights were shared to clarify misconceptions about 5G technology for industrial applications.

In this first of a three-part series, Weller told Machine Design that 5G offers unparalleled speed and latency improvements compared with previous mobile network generations, providing nearly real-time connectivity (5 ms latency speed), enabling a wide range of applications in machine design and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Addressing concerns about potential health risks, Weller explained that the low-energy radio waves used in 5G technology do not ionize and pose minimal health risks as they fall within a safe range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

He also talks about the co-existence of 5G and Wi-Fi, each supporting different services based on their strengths, such as cellular’s ability to track assets in motion and provide reliable connections in outdoor environments.

Watch additional parts of this interview series with Michael Weller of Verizon Business:

Part 2: See What Can’t Be Seen with 5G—and Protect it, Too

Part 3: 5G Technology: The Challenges and the Future

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