See What Can’t Be Seen with 5G—and Protect it, Too

March 20, 2024
From network slicing to improved connectivity to greater cybersecurity, Verizon Business’ Michael Weller explains how 5G technology can benefit the Industrial Internet of Things.

When it comes to 5G, network slicing enables the customization of network resources to meet specific needs of services or applications, which allows for the allocation of bandwidth, speed and latency based on tailored requirements. In this second of a three-part series, Michael Weller, practice lead for manufacturing, energy and utilities at Verizon Business, told Machine Design about how the approach of network slicing helps improve network efficiency and ensure that critical applications receive priority over less demanding services. “[The] network can be reallocated—dynamically reconfigured, if you will—to support the specific needs of the business,” Weller said.

Transitioning to 5G technology also brings a shift in connectivity capabilities. We learn that compared to its predecessor 4G, 5G facilitates connectivity for many devices, scaling from thousands to millions of connected endpoints. This scalability can help with real-time monitoring, operations and data insights.

Weller also talks about the complexity and scope of interconnected systems, which led to concerns about security and privacy. Weller said that 5G technology integrates robust security measures, such as 256-bit encryption and mutual authentication to protect data transmission, explaining why “5G is going to take the cybersecurity aspects of a cellular network to [another whole] level.”

Watch additional parts of this interview series with Michael Weller of Verizon Business:

Part 1: Demystifying 5G Technology: Impacts, Health Concerns and Adoption

Part 3: 5G Technology: The Challenges and the Future

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