Automate 2024: Balluff Sensors Tackle Everyday Applications and Extreme Environments Alike

June 21, 2024
In the Balluff booth at Automate, Machine Design got to see the company’s level detection technologies and condition monitoring systems.

In the field of sensor technology for machines and systems, Balluff offers a range of sensors and systems for a host of applications and requirements—from displacement measurement and identification to object detection and fluid measurement. 

In their booth at Automate 2024, the company was juggling demos of sensors for everyday industrial applications as well as for use in extreme and harsh environments. The company’s sensor technology forms the basis for the automation and digitalization of machines and plants.

Juli Hale, regional marketing communications manager, Americas, at Balluff, showed Machine Design a few level detection technologies for different applications, highlighting their advantages such as accuracy, ease of use and versatility. Balluff’s level detection portfolio can handle a range of needs, including capacitive, hydrostatic pressure, level, Teflon and ultrasonic sensors as examples.

Chris Duncan, exhibition and event specialist at Balluff, offered a demo of the company’s condition monitoring system, which uses sensors to measure the condition of water flowing through a pipe, including a temperature sensor, flow switch and pressure sensor. He explained how the system works and the importance of monitoring critical assets to prevent catastrophic failures and schedule maintenance during a shift change. 

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