CESMII, Phoenix Contact Showcase Smart Solutions for Data Integration

July 8, 2024
The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute and Phoenix Contact are collaborating to streamline manufacturing processes with solutions for data transfer and automation.

John Louka, a former IIoT systems engineer at the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), spoke with Machine Design about how the institute is focused on advancing manufacturing in the U.S. by democratizing smart manufacturing through collaboration with various stakeholders. Louka said they aim to transfer data into information to reduce integration costs for applications accessing control systems.

Phoenix Contact, one of their collaborators, showcased a demo at Automate 2024 where artificial intelligence (AI) software automatically identifies data structures from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in partnership with CESMII. The emphasis is on transitioning from the control layer to applications without human intervention, promoting efficiency in manufacturing processes. The institute encourages participation on cesmi.org to join the cause.

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In a demonstration, Louka explained how they organize OT data into applications efficiently. Their platform streamlines data organization, adds relationships between objects and simplifies querying for its applications. It also acts as a single endpoint, abstracting complex protocols for easier integration.

By automating the process of bringing in tag definitions and live instances from PLCs, CESMII enables quick HMI creation and dashboard modeling without extensive manual effort. The institute also highlighted an AI company’s algorithm for pumps, underscoring the role of automation and manufacturing processes to reduce the need for human intervention.

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