Plastic bearings - igus Inc.

The 2013 Bearings catalog covers iglide plastic bushings, igubal self-aligning bearings, and DryLin linear bearings and guides. A number of innovative new-product lines, such as knife-edge rollers offering oil-free deflection for conveyor belts, and zero-backlash leadscrew nuts are also covered.

The catalog offers 17 new plastic bearing materials suitable for applications from agricultural machinery and construction equipment to bicycles, luxury yachts, and medical devices.

The DryLin ZAW, a new linear slide table, is for applications requiring the rail to move but the carriage to remain stationary, and the DryLin Mono-Slide guide has a one-piece carriage which prevents misalignment issues.

End caps for the low-profile DryLin N linear-slide range are also now available, as well as a new additions to the company’s growing plastic ball-bearing range, all of which run without the need for lubrication.

igus Inc., Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914, (800) 521-2747,

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