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Washdown shaft collars - Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.

A new shaft collar for high-pressure washdown applications consists of a 303 stainless-steel shaft collar, male and female shrouds made from FDA-compliant materials, and three O-rings with FDA-compliant lubrication.

The shroud protects the shaft collar from the outside environment, eliminating trapped foreign particles that promote the growth of harmful bacteria. The shroud is the only element that requires washdown, and its design is pending an IP69K rating against the water ingress during high-temperature power washing applications of up to 1,000 psi.

The collars maintain performance standards similar to clamp-style shaft collars including not marring the shaft, easy adjustments, and high holding power, while being safe and regulatory compliant.

Washdown shaft collars come with a zinc-coated forged alloy screw for maximum holding power and are available for shaft sizes from ¼ to 1 in. or 6 to 25 mm.

Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc., 6 Hayes Memorial Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752, (508) 485-1000,

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