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Concerns over IoT Security? Get Answers at IoT Emerge 2016

Concerns over IoT Security? Get Answers at IoT Emerge 2016

The Internet of Things often appears to be a double-edged sword for manufacturing companies of all sizes. On one hand, they want all the advantages of wirelessly hooking up factories, warehouses, and design, along with a host of other company functions, to streamline production and harvest money-making insights from Big Data analytics. But they worry all that data and control could slip between their fingers if they don’t have just the right cybersecurity to protect it all and can maintain and update that security.

To find out just what they should do and get ahead of the curve, companies, as well as consultants and others, now have the opportunity to learn the latest on IoT security from experts by attending the IoT Emerge 2016, an educational and networking event that will be held in Chicago’s McCormick Place Nov. 2 -4.

An entire track of seven in-depth and interactive conferences will focus on security concerns and solutions. Here are just a few of the expert speakers and the topics they will be covering:


, a security strategist at Synopsys and a certified information systems security professional (CISSP), will give attendees need-to-know information on what they should be talking about with software providers when it comes to security and the IoT. With up to 90% of the code being used potentially coming from outside sources outside of a company’s control, he will stress the need for software testing against known and unknown threats. He will also cover the importance of static analysis, fuzz testing, software composition analysis, and test optimization.
• Dan Isaacs, director of Connected Systems and the Industrial Internet of Things Ecosystem Strategy at Xilinx Inc., has worked as a software designer, FPGA design engineer, systems and systems verification engineer, and technical manager at companies such as Ford, Hughes, NEC, and LSI Logic. He will explain the Industrial Intent Consortium’s Security Claims Evaluation Testbed Initiative, which aims to help manufacturers improve the security surrounding their products before they are launched. As a representative to the consortium, he can fill in the details on the testbed’s ability to monitor and detect intrusion and the preventative measures it provides at both the device and system levels.


• Professor Bill Butler chairs the Cyber and Information Security program and directs the Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Protection Center at Capitol Technology University. He, too, is a CISSP and has authored articles on cloud-computing security and cyber intelligence. His talk will present a frank assessment of both the “scary” and challenging aspects of security for the IoT. He will also outline the known vulnerabilities and threats to companies and their IoT efforts, as well as the current state-of-the-art in cyber-protection schemes.


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