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Down to the Final Four STEM Starters

Down to the Final Four STEM Starters

The second round of voting has culled the field down to just four Stem Starters. Legos/Mindstorm squeaked out a victory over my personal favorite, the Erector Set. Microscopes/telescopes beat out electrician tools/soldering iron, which doesn’t speak too highly of the EE voters. But then the EEs seemed to rally and Heathkit/crystal radio came out on top against chemistry lab/kit. And in the final face-off, balsa-wood rubber-band planes steamrollered Play-Doh/clay.

It was also heartening to see that more people voted in Round Two than in Round One. Let’s see if we can keep this up and have even more folks participating in Round Three.

The Final Four pits Legos/Mindstorm against Microscopes/telescopes, and Heathkit/crystal radio against balsa-wood rubber-band planes/kites. I know which way I’m going to be voting—how about you? Click here to vote and to get the lowdown on the rules and how to win those fabulous prizes.

And let us know what you think of the results of the first second of voting. Any unexpected winners or losers?

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