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Engineering School Bracket Challenge: Purdue Beats MIT!

Engineering School Bracket Challenge: Purdue Beats MIT!

In a finish reminiscent of the recent presidential election, a solid favorite (MIT) was beaten by a Midwestern upstart (Purdue) in our Engineering School Bracket Challenge—and by a landslide of 72% to 23%, at that. But the voters have spoken, and the results are final. Let’s see how these two engineering powerhouses got to that final.


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MIT started out trouncing USC (76% to 24%), then went on to beat Wisconsin like a drum (72% to 28%). It then had a squeaker against Georgia Tech, winning by 53%, and then got by Cornell to get to the finals and Purdue. Purdue started out against Dartmouth and won handily (75% to 25%), then had a bit of a harder time against Northwestern (62% to 38%). Michigan provided a much tougher challenge, with Purdue only winning the round 51% to 49%. It they beat Caltech to get to the Finals.

Machine Design would like to congratulate all the teams who started out in this competition. They are all great engineering schools. But a big “shout-out” to Purdue for coming in first and earning the prizes from our generous sponsors: Ansys, the Lapp Group, Keysight technologies, Maxxon Motors, Schneider Electric, Ace Controls, Tektronix, Texas Instruments, and Altech Corp. As for MIT, they’ll get by. After all, between alumni, faculty, and staff, they’ve earned 87 Nobel Prizes.

As for you, the readers, anyone who voted in all five rounds is now eligible for a $100 gift card from Amazon.

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