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In the Engineering School Bracket Challenge, Round 2 Is On!

In the Engineering School Bracket Challenge, Round 2 Is On!

If you haven’t been paying attention, this year’s Engineering School Bracket Contest from Machine Design, Electronic Design, and several other sister publications is already well underway. This year’s version pits top-notch engineering schools against one another in a 32-school bracket. The first week’s competition is finished, and there are only four more weeks to go, when only one college will be left standing. Here’s a quick recap of the first-round action:

Purdue beat out Dartmouth, Northwestern slammed Auburn, Johns Hopkins beat Rice, and Michigan surpassed Clemson in the first quadrant. In the second quadrant, Caltech beat Penn State, Illinois edged out Ohio State, Stanford decimated Maryland, and Oregon State squeaked by Iowa State. The third quadrant had the Ramblin’ Wrecks from Georgia Tech beating the UCLA Bruins, Texas overcoming NC State, MIT winning over USC, and Wisconsin coming down on Colorado. In the fourth quadrant, Cornell outmaneuvered Washington, Texas A&M just got by Pennsylvania, Virginia Tech beat UC Davis, and Duke upset Marquette.

The winning school in this year’s competition will receive several prizes, including 25 user licenses for ANSYS’ engineering software, which includes Mechanical, CFD, Autodyn, SpaceClaim, DesignXplorer, and their new simulation package, AIM. That amounts to $4 million in value. The school will also get equipment or components from each of the competition’s other sponsors, which include Altech Corp., Ace Controls Inc., Keysight Technologies, Lapp Group, Maxxon Motors, Schneider Electric, Tektronix, and Texas Instruments.

Participants who vote in all five rounds are eligible to win a $100 gift card from Amazon, and random participants will be chosen each week to receive a $50 Amazon card.

So vote for your favorites, or your alma mater (or against your alma mater), and track their progress throughout the playoffs.

For more information on the rules and prizes, click here

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