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Engineers as TV stars: Here's how

Here is one of the more interesting emails I've received in the past few days. These people are looking for engineers who can host a TV show. The casting director, Jennifer Cipperly, writes that they are "looking for three charismatic hosts for a new major-network series following boys building some serious toys. The three expert hosts will get to travel the country helping passionate amateurs make their machine dreams a reality. I’d love to talk to guys with all sorts of mechanical experience – DIY-type Makers, Mechanics, Hot Rod and Custom Bike Builders, Robotics Hobbyists and Experts, Rocketry Enthusiasts, Inventors, Land Speed Record Challengers, Aero/Astro Engineers – anyone who is obsessed with how things work and has the charisma to ignite others to pursue their passion – even when the haters say it can’t be done."

She goes on to say the hosts must be based in the continental U.S. 

Here is the formal call:

NOW CASTING: We’re looking for the hosts of a brand new major-network series. If you’re a brilliant Maker, Builder, or Engineer-type who can turn a spark of inspiration into a real-life machine, or a tried-and-true Guy’s Guy who gets revved-up over the latest laser cutter and loves getting good and greasy - we want to hear from you!

From motorcycles to rockets to revolutionary machines out of your dreams – whatever it is, you can build it – or spearhead its development! Are you the hands-on tinkerer making robots out of spare parts in your garage? The out-of-the-box visionary who knows how to pull together the right people for the job? The numbers geek who can run the calculations to make sure your rocket’s getting the right thrust? The gearhead with an awesome skill set and the vision to take your toys to the next level? If you’re a thinker and a doer, you might be our next star!

This is TV, so charisma, personality, and passion count – can you get people excited about you ideas and motivate your team to make it happen? For more information and to talk to a casting producer, please email us at [email protected]

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