A Skeptical Engineer

Epic Fail: Computer picking NCAA winner

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, computer engineers from Georgia Tech had run this year’s stats through their college-basketball ranking program and it spit out Florida as the overall winner. Needless to say, it was wrong. Florida made it to the Elite 8, but no farther. The computer was also abysmal at its picks to make the final Four. It calculated Florida, Louisville, Indiana, and Gonzaga would make the grade. Louisville was the only correct guesstimate. And the computer’s “long-shot” predictions of Bucknell, Davidson, Belmont, or St. Mary’s making it to the Sweet 16 also did not happen. The only bright spot was that the three 6th seeded teams the GIT computer said would go home early all bowed out after two games or less.

So I wouldn’t bet my tuition money on that machine’s recommendations.

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