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The Final Round of the Engineering School Bracket Championship

The Final Round of the Engineering School Bracket Championship

The Engineering School Bracket Challenge started with 32 top-notch engineering colleges but in the previous round of voting, the fourth round took it down to the top two—MIT and Purdue. They will go head-to-head in the last round of voting, which is already open.

Here’s a recap of the previous round of voting. Purdue closely edged out Caltech, putting them in the championship round. And MIT handily beat Cornell, making the finals a winner-take-all competition between the Beavers and the Boilermakers.

The school that emerges victorious in this year’s bracket competition earns several high-end prizes, including $4 million in Ansys software, along with a basketful of high-tech stuff from sponsors Texas Instruments, Tektronix, Schneider Electric, Maxxon Motors, Lapp Group, Keysight Technologies, Ace Controls, and Altech Corp.

And everyone who votes in all five rounds will be in the running for a $100 gift card from Amazon, while random participants will be chosen each week to receive a $50 Amazon card.

Voter turnout is critical to helping put one college or the other over the top. This makes it important for students, faculty, and alumni to cast a vote for their schools.

This is your last chance to vote.

For more information on the rules and prizes and to vote, click here

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