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Get Ready for National Engineers Week

Get Ready for National Engineers Week

It’s getting close to George Washington’s birthday, and that means it’s also getting close to National Engineers Week (Feb 21-27). The National Society of Professional Engineers timed the week to also commemorate the nation’s first engineer, Washington, who earned that title through his surveying work. It’s a dual-purpose celebration: It focuses a national spotlight on the contributions engineers have made to society, and it’s a time for engineers to emphasize the importance of learning math, science, and technical skills.

Looking for ways to celebrate the week? Then check out all the entertaining and educational activities you can enjoy with kids of all ages at Discover.

Or if you’re going to be in Washington, D.C., that week, check out Engineering Family Day (Feb. 27) at the National Building Museum. There will be nearly 30 Family Day exhibitors presenting basic science and engineering principles through hands-on and mind-challenging activities. Special demonstrations are also sprinkled throughout the day. And admission is free.

There will also be events celebrating engineers at many engineering schools. In Massachusetts, for example, Worcester Polytechnic Institute plans talks, tours, displays, and opportunities to talk with engineers of various disciplines. Check with your local engineering college to see what they have in store for the week.

You can also stay home and engage in a bit of educational entertainment with your kids. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has a list of engineering projects geared to different ages and interests.

Another option for those staying at home is to watch a few “engineering” movies. I suggest Apollo 13, winner of Machine Design’s World’s Greatest Engineering Movie competition , or The Martian, a more recent movie that will surely be a contender on a future list. For a list of other engineering movies, check out the movies nominated to Machine Design’s movie competition.

We’d be interested to hear how you suggest celebrating National Engineering Week, so leave a comment.

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