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From the Editor's Desk

Good night! Now they want to regulate 3D printers!!

What next.

California state Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) wants to regulate 3D printers after news reports of a gun design that was 3D-printed. According to a report on the CBS Sacramento web site, Yee wants regulations that would possibly track 3D printers and who has access to them.

“Terrorists can make these guns and do some horrible things to an individual and then walk away scott-free, and that is something that is really dangerous,” the site reports Yee said.

Note to Yee: If you want to regulate every conceivable device that could be used to construct a firearm, you might better start with lathes, milling machines, and a lot of other CNC metal-working equipment better suited to the task than a 3D printer.

Have we really come to a point where the little 3D printers you find in high school shop classes must be regulated? We are in an environment where thought leaders are all crying for innovation as a way to advance our economic future. A lot of that innovation comes from the wide availability of devices such as 3D printers. I can't think of a better way of squelching innovation than to limit who can own one.

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