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Greatest Engineering Movie: It’s down to the final two. Let’s Vote!

We’ve gotten it down to two movies, thanks to your generous cooperation. (The number of voters increased over every round, a trend we hope continues.) And looking at the results, it seems NASA and its exploits are still a source of fascination for engineers of all ages. It also looks like engineers and other who participated in this competition lean toward fact-based movies.
 In the “left” bracket, the top movie turned out to be Apollo 13, and it whipped its most recent challenger, Bridge on the River Kwai, by 76% to 24%. I think the Bridge, which earned seven Acadmey Awards, suffered by being older and not seen by as many viewers/voters.  Over in the “right” bracket, the finalist was The right stuff. It squeaked by 2001: A space odyssey by 0.5% of the vote.
Now it’s time to cast the final votes and pick a winner.  So get over to our WGEM website and vote.
And if you’re ever in a quandary over what movie to download, get from Netflix, or splurge and actually buy, feel free to use the list of the original 32 movies as a guide. There are some gems in there that not all of you have likely seen.

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