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It’s Down to 8 in the Academic Engineering Challenge

It’s Down to 8 in the Academic Engineering Challenge

Results from Round Two voting are in and the cream seems to be rising to the top as it’s now down to eight engineering schools.

In the first quadrant, UC Berkeley edged out Texas A&M (56% to 44%). Condolences to all my Aggie friends. Purdue ran away from Iowa State (72% to 28%). Go Boilermakers! In the second quadrant, Cornell easily got by Minnesota (65% to 35%). Score one for the Ivy League. And Virginia Tech easily got by Illinois (UC) (60% to 40%).

There wasn’t much of a horse race among third-quadrant competitors. Cal Tech ran away from Penn State (66% to 34%). And Michigan left Maryland in the dust (67% to 33%). In the fourth quadrant, those rambling wrecks from Georgia Tech trounced NC State (73% to 27%). And in the closest race of this round, Duke squeaked by Texas (51% to 49%).

Congratulations to the winners, as well as to those who came in second. Now it’s down to eight colleges and universities and on to Round Three.

Take the time to cast your vote for the schools you consider academic leaders in the engineering field to winnow the field down to only four. Or play to win the prizes. Voting is open through Sunday, April 17 at the Academic Engineering Challenge Information Page

Looking for parts? Go to SourceESB.

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