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It’s Down to the Top Four in the Academic Engineering Challenge

It’s Down to the Top Four in the Academic Engineering Challenge

Results from Round Three just came over the wire, taking the number of competitors down to four for Round Four. Colleges known for their engineering prowess have risen to the Final Four, guaranteeing the winner will be a true engineering powerhouse.

Most of the head-to-head races were close this week, and the first match-up is no exception. Purdue and it Boilermakers got by UC Berkeley and its Oski the Bear by 55% to 45%. In an even closer match, Cornell and its Big Red Bear edged out Virginia Tech and its Hokie Bird, 53% to 47%.

In the opposing brackets, Cal Tech and its Beavers (nature’s engineer) overcame Michigan and its Wolverines, 56% to 44%. In this week’s only blowout, the team with the most mascots won. It was Georgia Tech and its Rambling Wrecks and Buzz the Yellowjacket overcoming the Duke Blue Devils, 71% to 29%. And if Georgia Tech goes all the way, we’ll all sing a rousing chorus of its engineering-based fight song.

Now it’s time to take those four and whittle them down to two. So take the time to cast your vote for the schools you consider academic leaders in the engineering field. Or play to win some serious prizes. Voting is open 24/7 through Sunday, April 24, at the AEC Information Page

Looking for parts? Go to SourceESB.

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