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Manufacturing Hype Words Call for New Events

Manufacturing Hype Words Call for New Events

The manufacturing world has enough acronyms to make your head spin. So when marketing phrases come around they are usually squashed or clumped in with universal concepts like lean and continuous improvement.  

But now that Information Technologies are entering the vocabulary (and hopefully the operations) of small and medium-size manufacturers there seems to be a surge of hype words around the use of IT.  For example, words like IoT, IIoT, big data, smart manufacturing, brilliant manufacturing (I’m not joking), cloud, and fog (again, not joking).

It’s time to demystify these hype words and get down to business. We want to know how can IT improve efficiency, cost, quality, safety, and the environment no matter what outside force (or inside force) is altering operations.

Two upcoming events will help put these hype words into actionable items and put to rest the confusion:


October 5-7, 2015  |  Chicago, IL

The Smart Industry event will focus on how the Internet of Things can be applied to your operations to realize benefits such as boosting productivity, optimizing asset utilization, reducing operational costs, and improving worker safety. Speakers include GE, Microsoft, Emerson, Rockwell Automation, Honda North America, GE Aviation, and Duke Energy.  

*The first 3 people to use code ‘BIGIDEAENGINEER’ at registration will get FREE REGISTRATION! After the first three, you can use code MESA15 for $100 off tickets or $500 off exhibit booths. More information at 


Co-located at ISA’s Process Control & Safety Symposium

November 9-12  |  Houston, TX

The Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International is hosting an education track centered on explaining the role and value of Information Technologies in manufacturing operations and throughout the manufacturing enterprise. Twelve sessions make up the track and each session is a combination of unconference, panel, and lecture-style presentation.

The sessions are lead by MESA’s working group volunteers who generally dive right into best practices so that you have something to grab onto and take back to your company to utilize tomorrow. Topics include metrics that really matter, digitizing the supply chain, solutions for process industries, the year of MES, and of course, Smart Manufacturing. More information can be found here:

*You can use code ‘PCSMESA15’ for $100 off registration. Go to ISA’s website to register:

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