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New Survey to Predict Impact of IoT and Smart Manufacturing on Supply Chains

New Survey to Predict Impact of IoT and Smart Manufacturing on Supply Chains

Hello Big Idea Engineers,

I wanted to clue you in on a survey that may help you forecast for your current and future projects.

Supply Chain Management World (SCM World) is hosting a 10-15 minute survey to measure the importance of IoT and Smart Manufacturing to the future of supply chains. The survey is due June 26th, 2015, click here to begin. (The survey is now expired.)

The survey investigates the following:

Why is today’s poor visibility across the supply chain a bottleneck for any strategy aimed at making your company more agile and responsive?

How are emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things promising an ability of integrating all physical assets along the supply chain – from the device level to the factory level – with the purpose of achieving superior control, speed in decision-making and productivity?

What performance improvements can the notion of Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 offer through a real-time, end-to-end manufacturing and supply chain visibility?

All respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the final report based on our findings when published at the end of August.

SCM World notes that ALL responses will be analyzed only in aggregate: individual answers are confidential and your personal details will not be shared with anyone.

Have a productive day!

Lindsey Frick

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