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Now you can own Batman's motorcycle

For those who are both bike and Batman fans, a welder in Reno has put up on eBay a replica of Batman's motorcycle he's created. This custom bike is 100% electric, and built around a modified 2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod frame.

batbike replicaThe heart of this system is the AC-20 electric motor (by HPEVS) with a Curtis 1238-7501 motor controller. This system is rated at 650 A, 82 ft-lb torque, 65 hp, 7,500 rpm with regenerative braking (this sends a charge back to the battery pack during deceleration). The entire system is powered by eight batteries wired in series to provide 96 Vdc.

eBay rules prevent the selling of weapons, but the seller gets around this problem by not including the cannon trigger breach blocks and flamethrower pressure release valves . Without these components, the weapons are inoperable, but he will provide them to the buyer on request. He says the flamethrower system uses Argon pressurized tanks and unleaded gasoline. The 12ga. cannons are single-shot and activated by simply pulling the spring-loaded trigger breech block knobs. When operational, they can fire any 12-gauge cartridge. For demonstration purposes, he suggests the operator pry open cartridges and replace the lead shot with shredded paper.

flamethrower in actionThe bike weighs about750 lb (including the battery pack). Calculated top speed is126 mph.

If you are interested in this bike, hurry: The auction is scheduled to end Oct. 27. As of this writing the top bid is north of $14,000.

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