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Some hi-tech to be thankful for

One thing we can all be thankful is that high-tech has given us more media than we know what to do with, which is a good thing. The average person has access to more books than can be read in a lifetime or two. And the same goes for our oversupply of music to listen to and TV shows, movies, and other video to watch. Sure, they‘re not all great, but the only way to find out is to spend some time with them. And technology has made this pretty simple. Jump on Amazon or some other media provider with a website and go to it. It takes some cash, but most outlets offer used stuff with plenty of miles left on it.

If money is a problem, check out your local library. They still carry books, as well as back issues of periodicals like Machine Design, and many have expanded to offer DVDs of movies, TV shows,  and documentaries, as well as music CDs. Just be sure to get it back on time to escape any dues.

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