A Skeptical Engineer

We're down to four engineering movies. Vote for your Top Two!

Voting in the third round for the World’s Greatest Engineering Movie just wrapped up and a record number of voters (10% more than voted in Round 2) sent three space-related flicks to the final four. Apollo 13, a favorite from the start took down a truly great engineering movie, The flight of the Phoenix, 75% to 25%. I was rooting for the Flight of the Phoenix, after all, it starred Jimmie Stewart.  2001: A space odyssey, a movie that is coasting on its reputation (IMHO), beat out Tucker: The man and his dream, 62% to 38%. That Tucker made it this far is testament to our voters’ intelligence. And The right stuff, a great behind-the-scenes look at the start of the of America’s  manned space program, zoomed by The Andromeda Strain, 68% to 31%.  The other movie voted into one of the top four slots is Bridge on the River Kwai, a WWII movie that managed to defeat another space-based movie, Star Trek IV, The voyage home, the best Star Trek movie ever, according to me (and several thousand fans). Bridge won 60% to 39%.

So go to our WGEM site and vote.

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