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A Skeptical Engineer

Why we hate lawyers: Reason # 16,258

Check out this video It may be five years old, but I'm sure the same type of stuff is still going on. In short, it's a presentation by so-called immigration lawyers on how to comply with the legal steps needed to prove no U.S. citizens is capable or qualified for a job the company has already hired (and trained) an H-1b foreign worker to fill. The company must post the job and get no capable or qualified applicants before that immigrant with the job can get a green card and stay in the job another 10 to 15 years. The kicker, and you knew it was coming, is that the lawyer and his team will work with companies to make sure no qualified candidate applies, and if they do, the law firm will supply several legal ways to blackball them.

It might be legal, but it's certainly slimy.

Any of you engineers seen this practice in action?

Click here for the video.

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