From the Editor's Desk

Will it ever get warm enough to ride roller coasters?

Our feature on wooden roller coasters in the February issue seems to rather popular. We owe the folks at the Gravity Group thanks for talking to us about their work.

And we have heard a rumor that it may warm up enough to actually ride coasters again someday instead of just reading about them.

But readers who want to see more about roller coaster designers can tune into the Ovation network this May. A series on that network called The Art of: will air an episode on May 25 (7:30 pm est) called the The Art of Roller Coasters. Apparently the episode will also be available on the Ovation web site, at least for awhile.

By then, who knows. Come May, the piles of snow may be gone and we may entertain notions of going to amusement parks as well as seeing them on TV.

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