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In a world ... without harnessed electricity ... TESLA

In a world ... without harnessed electricity ... one man sought to lighten the burdens of mankind ...


At least, that's what we might hear during movie previews if one Canadian filmmaker has his way.

Pawel Hohne of Hollydan Works Canada Inc. aims to create "a feature about a man who invented the 20th Century" with funds collected through a Kickstarter campaign.

"Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American Inventor, visionary and genius — much like Iron Man — but Tesla really existed ... he spoke eight languages, and was ... one of the most prolific Inventors of the 20th century ... he invented and built an energy tower in New York in 1901 — Wardenclyffe Tower [to] emit wireless electrical energy throughout the world for people to use for free ... but the invention was suppressed," reads the movie's Kickstarter page.

This film is one of several examples of how there's certainly been increased public interest in Tesla's life and technical contributions over the last decade or so. However, despite nods given to the man — Elon Musk's naming of Tesla Motors, for example — his real legacy is one we hardly recognize.

No matter ... Tesla sought a higher glory.

About his motor and radio inventions, Tesla once said, “I continually experience an inexpressible satisfaction from the knowledge that my poly-phase system is used throughout the world to lighten the burdens of mankind and increase comfort and happiness ... and my wireless system, in all its essential features, renders a service ... and brings pleasure to people in all parts of the world.”

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