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Cables for continuous-flex and torsion applications

Cables for continuous-flex and torsion applications

Etherline CAT.6A cables combine 10 Gbit/sec data-transfer rates with continuous flex and torsion performance. A new shielding system balances EMI protection, flexibility, and mechanical strength to withstand the high strains associated with continuous flex or torsion. The shielding employs a proprietary process that wraps aluminum compound foil around individual twisted pairs at an angle optimized for shielding performance.  The cable is copper-braid reinforced with a foil-laminated fleece ensuring reliable data transfer.

Two versions are available — one optimized for continuous flex and the other for torsion ­— with either PVC or PUR jackets. Both versions offer Profinet compliance, UV and flame resistance, and operation in damp or dry operating environments.

Lapp Group, 29 Hanover Rd., Florham Park, NJ 07932, (800) 774-3539,

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