Cabling system

Cabling system

The Simatic Top connect cabling system wires Simatic S7-1500 input/output modules, eliminating time-consuming terminal block connections.
The system’s modular design provides well-organized field sensor and actuator wiring. It includes plug-in front-connector modules that easily attach to Simatic S7-1500 I/O modules and preassembled connecting cables.
A flexible model for simple wiring inside the control cabinet and LED signaling and signal conditioning from 230 Vac to 24-Vdc options are also available.
With a 0.5-sq-mm cross section, individual wires handle higher currents and come in different lengths and versions: H05V-K single wires (PVC insulation) and H05Z-K (halogen-free insulation) for applications not requiring UL or with UL/CSA certified single wires.
Siemens Corp., 300 New Jersey Ave., Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20001, (800) 743-6367,

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