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Flexible Clean-Room Cables

Flexible Clean-Room Cables

Flexx-Sil “off-the-shelf” clean-room cables and assemblies for the semiconductor industry are rated for Class 1 Clean Room use. The rubber-jacketed cables meet ISO 146441 Air Cleanliness Requirements, exceed ASTM E595 outgassing requirements, and are excellent for vacuum environments.

The company’s computer-controlled extrusion process lets individual power conductors, shielded signal pairs, tubing, or multiwire bundles sit in a flat parallel profile to precisely control the spacing of each individual component, insulation thickness, and the overall cable shape. This design ensures that  the inner components do not rub against each other, wear, or deform during operation and don’t move within the Flexx-Sil material that forms the outer jacket.

The cables are impervious to continuous motion, tight routing, vibration, UV light, steam, pressure washing, deionized water, alcohol, autoclave, mechanical stress, expanded temperatures (–65 to 165°C), and many chemicals. When cables must stack together, or where a lower friction surface is desired, GlideRite and SlideRite coating options are available.

Cicoil, 24960 Avenue Tibbitts, Valencia, CA 91355, (661) 295-1295

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