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High-Acceleration Cables Require Sophisticated Wires

High-Acceleration Cables Require Sophisticated Wires

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Ölflex Servo FD 796 CP is designed, manufactured, and tested for high-acceleration cable for track applications and long travel lengths. The cable also works well for motor connections between servo controllers and motors on industrial machinery, and robotic systems—with North American and European approvals

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For conductors, extra fine wire strands made of bare copper are used. Both power conductors and control pairs use a polypropylene insulation for better electrical properties than PVC. To aid with electromagnetic compatibility, the cable is equipped with an overall copper braid shielding. For the jacket, polyurethane gives good wear, abrasion, UV, and oil resistance.

The cable supports accelerations up to 5g and travel speeds up to 5m/sec. Travel distances can range up to100 m. Intended for flexible applications, it has a minimum bend radius of 7.5 × OD and is tested for 10 million bending cycles. Other than its ability to withstand high accelerations, FD 796 CP behaves much like any other high-performance servo cable. It resists oil and flame to UL standards. Temperature range for flexible applications is –40 to 80ºC.

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