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High-durability electrical cables

High-durability electrical cables

A new line of high-durability cables helps prevent downtime and replacement for washdown, temperature, and weld-slag situations.

Silicone, silicone-tubed, and PTFE cables resist burns from hot weld sparks and prevent buildup over time that causes shorts and failures.

Stainless-steel braid and flexible conduit cable versions are abrasion and crush resistant to prevent physical cable abuse.

ECOLAB and IP69K-rated cable versions, with stainless hex nuts, are caustic, washdown resistant, and resist chemicals that eat through cable jackets.

Fiberglass jacket and thermoplast cable versions prevent high-temperature melting and premature aging of cable material. ­

Balluff Inc., 8125 Holton Dr., Florence, KY 41042, (800) 543-8390,

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