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Horizontal mating connectors

Horizontal mating connectors

The DF64 Series horizontally mated two-piece connectors, for board-to-board and board-to-wire interfaces, measure 20.4 × 14.4 mm and have a mated height of just 4.7 mm. The two-position connectors, developed for high-power applications, use 18 to 24-AWG wire and carry 5 A.

The DF64 Series features a common receptacle that mates with the header and the cable plug.

Additional features include a wide mating width and length (± 0.5 mm in the X direction and 2 mm in the Y direction. Enclosed contacts in the housing maintain contact integrity and reduce danger to the operator from accidental finger contact. Long creepage distance (3.2-mm minimum) helps prevent arcing, and the friction lock on the board-to-board interface provides the strength and retention to ensure a secure connection.

The connectors carry a voltage rating of 350 Vac/dc, are halogen-free, and operating at 105°C.

HIROSE Electric U.S.A. Inc., 2688 Westhills Court, Simi Valley, CA 93065, (805) 522-7958,

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