Hygienic cables

A specially formulated PUR outer jacket prevents the Nanoflex Series of hygienic control power and data cables from micro-organism growth. The outer jacket is hydrolysis and detergent resistant, letting it withstand the harsh cleaning processes used to sterilize equipment, which over time degrade cable performance.

The unshielded Nanoflex HC 500 is a flexible control power cable that supplies machinery with up to 600 V. Its shielded variant, the HC 500-C, is wrapped in a tinned-copper wire braid (85% coverage) that prevents signal interference or “cross talk,” and can be used to ground the cable when connected to a metallic cord grip. Both cables safely operate in temperatures ranging from –40 to 80°C (application specific) and are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 12 AWG with various conductor configurations.

The unshielded, flexible Nanoflex HC TRONIC data cable provides uniform signal transmission from the control panel to the machine in sterile environments. The HC TRONIC-C cable is shielded with a tinned-copper wire braid to prevent signal interruption (85% coverage) during applications that produce large amounts of EMI. Both cables are rated for temperatures from –40 to 80°C (application specific) and come in sizes ranging from 26 to 18 AWG with various conductor configurations.

The entire line is UV, oxygen, ozone and radiation resistant up to 110 Mrad.

Helukabel USA, 1490 Crispin Dr., Elgin IL 60123, (877) 910-2094, www.helukabel.com


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