Modular enclosure

Modular enclosure

The TS8 modular enclosure line features tool-free, snap-fit assembly. The enclosures feature a 16-fold tubular frame and multilevel mounting capability for strength and flexibility. A one-piece spring-mounted clip fastens mounting panel brackets to the enclosure frame. The clip replaces screws and provides toolless depth adjustments.
The upper mounting panel installation brackets include a plastic locking clip to make installation safer, simpler, and a one-person job.
The enclosure’s new-look tubular door frame allows mounting accessories originally intended for mounting inside the enclosure on a door.
The enclosure frame can hold weight loads up to 1,500 lb on the mounting panel. The freestanding enclosures come in both powder-coated carbon and stainless steel.
Additional features include easily removed exterior surfaces; depth-adjustable zinc-plated mounting panel; 25-mm hole pattern for mounting components and accessories in three directions — by height, width, and depth; full-sized mounting panel increases usable space by up to 15%; mounting panel slides in and out; seamless foamed-in-place gasket seals against outside contaminants; midlevel EMC shielding on standard side and rear wall panels makes grounding possible without straps; available in 304 and 316L stainless steel; and doors hold up to 200 lb and can be removed in as little as 30 sec. The enclosures come in five configurations.
Rittal Corp., 1 Rittal Place, Urbana, OH 43078, (800) 477-4220,

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