Power and data cables

Power and data cables

The high-flex, clean-room-approved Cleanflex Series of power and data cables feature a special polyurethane outer jacket to minimize the release of cable dust into the air. The cables are for use in continuous-flexing, cable-track-equipped machinery used in clean-room applications and are flame retardant, halogen-free, and resistant to oil, UV, and chemicals. They withstand high levels of mechanical stresses and alternating bending cycles, and are tear, abrasion, and impact resistant, even in temperatures from –40 to 80°C.
Both cables come in unshielded and shielded types to prevent signal interruption during clean-room applications that expose the cables to high levels of electromagnetic interference. If radiation is present, the cables can withstand up to 100 Mrads of exposure.
The Cleanflex-HF power cable comes in 20 to 14‑AWG sizes, and the shielded HF-C power cable comes in 20 to 16 AWG. The Cleanflex-HF and twisted-pair, shielded HF-TP-C data cables come in sizes ranging from 24 to 22 AWG.
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