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Shaft-locking devices for wind turbines

Ameriloc HLD (hydraulic locking devices) and Ameriloc MLD (mechanical locking devices) are wind-turbine shaft-locking devices for secure shaft/hub connections.

With larger diameters, such as 20.8 in., the HLD can be tensioned in a few minutes, compared to several hours required for a mechanical locking device. The hydraulic pump required for assembly can be a stationary unit, but a hydraulic hand pump can also be used for tensioning at difficultto- reach places, such as wind-turbine turrets.

MLD units eliminate the need for keyways or splines, provide unlimited shaft positioning, and feature zero backlash, reduced shaft stress, and high contact pressure for greater torque. They also fit into smaller installations with standard assembly tools. Features include a torque range to 4,425,372 lb-ft, outer diameters to 57.1 in., and shaft diameters to 29.5 in.

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