Silicone-overmolded cables

Reusable and ergonomic MediSpec silicone overmolded cable and interconnect assemblies reportedly provide reliability and long life in many medical applications, including endoscopy, ophthalmic lasers, surgical power tools, and other operating room instruments. Silicone overmolding creates a moisture-proof chemical and mechanical bond between the cable jacket, connector, and flex relief. And it provides a stronger bond to metal connector components than possible with thermoplastic resins.

Incorporating both extruded and tubed-on silicone, the jacketed cables are durable and extremely flexible, while protecting the cable core.

MediSpec products are designed, tested, and validated to withstand up to 1,000 autoclave sterilization cycles, as well as multiple sterilization cycles by proprietary Steris and Sterrad processes.  All materials meet U.S. FDA and global biocompatibility and cytotoxicity requirements.

Affinity Medical, a Molex Co.,

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