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Straight-Blade Receptacles for Heavy-Duty Apps

Straight-Blade Receptacles for Heavy-Duty Apps

The 30-, 50-, and 60-amp heavy-duty outlets from Bryant, Milford, Conn., can provide long-term power to industrial and commercial equipment such as welders, generators, ovens, copiers, and air conditioners. They are UL, CSA, and NOM listed and rated for 125, 250, or 277 VAC of maximum working voltage. They can operate in temperatures from -40° to 75°C, and overloads (150% of rated current) will cause temperatures to rise no more than 30°C.

The receptacles carry a reinforced thermoplastic face and base that help the electrical devices resists heat and impacts. One-piece double-wipe power and ground contacts provide good conductivity and resistance. Isolated ground versions are available for protecting sensitive electronic equipment by limiting electrical noise on the grounding circuit.

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