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Learn higher math on the Web

Maple T.A. 8 is a Web-based program to create and assess online tests and assignments. Adaptive questions in Maple T. A. give instructors a tool to improve student comprehension. The questions give extra guidance to students giving an incorrect response to a question, increasing their understanding of the concepts and techniques involved. The method lets students try a simpler version of the same question before retrying the original, or whatever the instructor feels is appropriate. As a result, adaptive questions give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding without leaving the testing setting. Students get partial credit for their efforts. Maple T.A. 8 also provides a highly secure Proctored Browser, which reduces cheating by ensuring students stay inside the interface until the test or assignment is completed. While using the Proctored Browser students cannot access other Web sites or programs on their computer. Maplesoft, 615 Kumpf Dr., Waterloo, ON, Canada, (800) 267-6583,

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