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Illumination design, analysis, and optimization software

Illumination design, analysis, and optimization software

The latest release of TracePro v7.4 illumination design, analysis, and optimization software features improved photorealistic-rendering capabilities using photon mapping to render scenes, sources, light pipes, and instrument panels. It renders scenes where multiple bounces occur in light pipes, lenses, and standard optical components, and for LED source color rendition.

The software uses a two-pass algorithm that simulates light from user-defined sources and ambient light settings to produce a rendered scene. The first pass generates a photon map for use in the second pass. In the second pass, rays are traced in reverse and the photon map calculates the relative luminance of every pixel in the rendered image. When rendering is completed, users control the contrast and brightness as needed. A free trial is available.

Lambda Research Corp., 25 Porter Rd., Littleton, MA 01460, (978) 486-0766,

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